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Take your small business to the next level with bookkeeping and financial consulting services.
Make empowered business decisions by ensuring your accounting is always up to date.

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What happens if you missed the tax deadline?

While no one on my mailing list would dare miss an important tax deadline, what would happen if you did? The penalty on not filling is actually much worse than if you file and don't pay your share, so first things first, get that return in pronto! Depending on if...

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April is Financial Literacy Month

April is financial literacy month. Many small business owners who we work with don’t feel confident in their financial literacy. However, in my experience, even the self-described creative-types, number-haters understand more about their finances than many people who...

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Tax Season Deadlines

With the 2018 filing season approaching, we have put together the following list of key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and individuals. Below is a list of upcoming 2018 tax form deadlines to expect in the coming months: MARCH 15: S Corporations: File a...

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