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As an entrepreneur or small business owner, time management skills are critical to success. Therefore, learning to delegate and lean on others that have strengths outside your primary skillset is a necessity.

Don’t spin your wheels and burn out trying to accomplish tasks that a professional could complete quicker and more effectively. When building your team of trusted advisors, consider these top 5 players:


  1. Financial Guru
    A CPA, bookkeeper, or other financial professional that you trust, can help you with a myriad of money advice from understanding the planning necessities, saving money along the journey, preparing for future expansion and coordinating your business and personal finances. Keeping your cash flow on track and taxes prepared properly can save you a lot of time, money and heartache.
  2. Business Mentor or Coach
    Learning from someone else’s experience is priceless. Partner with someone who has blazed their own path and can provide detailed feedback about what has worked, and not worked, for them.
  3. Marketing/Communications Consultant
    The way we receive messages is constantly evolving. Once upon a time you took an ad in the yellow pages to get noticed but with a plethora of growing digital capabilities it can seem impossible to figure out how to reach your target market. A marketing professional can help you master branding, consistency and determine how to get the most mileage from your marketing/advertising budget.
  4. Legal Representative
    Find a savvy legal professional that is well-versed in your industry and is aligned with your goals. They can help navigate a variety of legal issues from hiring, basic business practices, regulatory necessities and more.
  5.  Insurance Agent/Benefits Expert
    The proper broker (be selective) can help you navigate when and how to offer benefits to your employees and greatly enhance overall satisfaction of your workers. Happy workers equal greater success, so choosing the right benefits is key. They can also help with your business liability insurance.


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